Embroidery Digitizing Fee

Many of us realize success if you realize success. in inexpensive digitizing many of us target additional in your good results than ours.

Offering you inexpensive prices regarding digitizing a protracted

While using excellent you expect.  Will give you an absolute border. This site offers a new

Transformation associated with 8 hrs on most jobs.


Embroidery Digitizing Fee—–US $ 1 / 1000 stitches

Rush Digitizing Fee (turnaround within 12 hours) ——Extra $ 7,8  per job

Minimum Embroidery Digitizing Fee — US $ 4,7 / 5,000 stitches

Maximum Embroidery Digitizing Fee —-US $ 100 / 100,000 stitches

For example, an embroidery design having stitches 7200 will cost $ 7,2   

A design having less than 5000 stitches (suppose a design with 3446 stitches will cost $ 4,7 )

Likewise a new layout obtaining more than 100, 000 stitches (suppose a new layout with 135, 446 stitches will set you back $ 100 ).


Minor or Moderate Editing—–Free

Major Editing if different than originally ordered—if must please reset it, have to pay part of the design is re-created

Cap to Flat OR Flat to Cap Conversion —-$3.00 / Job

Editing of Files not digitized by us—-Depending on job

Machine / File Format Conversion—–Free

Please email us for a quote.




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